In September 2015 SHS Drinks relaunches its range of bottlegreen cordials, sparkling presses, and tonics across 21 lines. This is the latest stage in our partnership lasting more than a decade, which has seen the range go from strength to strength. We're most proud to be working with bottlegreen on this latest redesign, particularly since we won Gold in the 2011 DBA Design Effectiveness Award for the initial redesign.

The current design creates an iconic and ownable house style for the range, whilst also building on the different variant personalities. So, the look of the cordials is enhanced, while the Sparkling Pressé & Mixers are given greater flair and dynamism. We commissioned the artist, Dessy, to create an inspiring illustration style, a lettering artist to redraw the logo. The result is a more fluid and elegant look, and this is complemented with the introduction of print finishes and intricate details wghich subtly drive premium cues and increase desirability. 

Almost works of art, these products from bottlegreen elevate any occasion. Our designs recognise the bucolic roots of this brand but also emphasise the understated elegance that has seen it become such a strong and confident category leader.”

We've extremely excited about the refreshing and contemporary new look for its iconic bottles.