Greene King IPA

In a resurgent ale market of exciting new craft ales Greene King IPA’s crown was slipping. The brands position as market leader was in decline despite regularly outperforming all of its rivals in taste tests. Greene King recognized that they needed to force a re-evaluation of the brand by publicans and to become relevant to younger consumers whilst retaining their loyal consumers.

We focused on Greene King’s historic Westgate Brewery in Bury St Edmunds for inspiration. The beautiful copper mash tuns, unexpected colours and textures all convey the brewerys rich history. The new pump clip brings a piece of the Westgate Brewery directly to the bar in a striking and contemporary way. It  restores the Greene King IPA brand to a position of status and relinks it with brewing excellence.

Crucially the rebranded pump clip has had a great reception by the on trade, halting years of decline and setting Green King IPA on course to be once again Britains favourite ale.