Mello is the UK’s first premium, fresh, cold pressed melon juice. It is available in 2 flavours; Watermelon and Cantaloupe, both in 250ml and 750ml formats.

The objective was to establish Mello as a leader in the juice sector and to vision the branded ownership of melons across different catergories. 

 The essence of Mello derives from the beauty of the juice and the beautifying properties of melons.  The challenge was to communicate the unmistakably healthy and wholesome nature of the product, yet simultaneously allude to the essence and create a premium ‘brand to be seen with’, targeted at young, urban, fashion and health conscious consumers. 

 Standout in the highly complicated and competitive juice sector was critical. Striking and unusual stylized geometric visuals of the melons, in combination with pattern and type, are used to evoke not only the texture and flavour experience but also the world of fashion.  The design focuses on the stylish, exotic, edgy nature and preciousness of the fruit. The editorial feel to the logotype and on pack copy alludes to the pages of a fashion magazine.

 Ownership and transfer across other products and mediums of the equities created was important.  All visual elements have been developed with this intent, even down to the green used – it is slightly blue – and is a colour Mello can own as they move forward.

Mello is currently launching nationwide including 218 Waitrose and 19 Booths stores.